What is Food Intolerance? Top 6 reasons for food intolerance

Intolerance is one such thing that eats even the strongest ones from the very inside. The word intolerance is a combination of two words which include in and tolerance that means the state not being able to tolerate something. It can be towards any of the things and can vary from person to person. It can maybe towards any of the edible stuff or any of the factors having legal, ethical and moral connotations. The most common type of food intolerance that people experience is towards edible stuff, for instance, the common ones include cow milk, soy, and fish, etc.

Intolerance towards many food items is a major problem of twenty-two-point five percent of the people of the world. It is something that is in control of the digestive system of the human body and has nothing to do with the immune system of the body.

Top 6 Reasons for Food Intolerance

  • Food intolerance is the main reason why people that why people have to hold themselves back from eating some healthiest and sumptuous food items and as a consequence they to face such kinds of challenges offered to them by the digestive system of their body.
  • Food Intolerance can be towards a number of food items that cause a sense of uneasiness in the stomach and that may be the cause of your devastating day because of the upset stomach.
  • Many times, people find food intolerance synonymous with food allergy. Though both of these have one thing in common that is food both are poles apart aspects which really do not land in the same.
  • The very first thing about food allergy is that it is one such thing that is concerned with the immune system of the human body whereas on the other hand food intolerance is all an issue of the digestive system of the human body.
  • Intolerance towards any of the food materials can be due to due to a lack of a certain type of biological catalyst that means a certain type of enzymes present in the body.
  • The presence of a certain type of enzymes that are associated with a particular enzyme present in the food does not cause any problem but if in case there a lack of compatibility between the enzymes in the body and the food been taken in such condition the actual problem comes up


Hence if you do not want this scenario to take place then you must be very particular about your eating habits and must never be uncertain about what to eat at what time. To know the symptoms of food intolerance click here. If in case you take something that causes food intolerance then there are several solutions available to that problem. You can consult your doctor who can give the most suitable solution.

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