Top Four Types Of Tea And Their Benefits

Tea is considered the most popular beverage in India. Not only India tea is the most popular beverage all across the world. No matter the person belongs to which class of the family he breaks his day with a cup of tea. The brewing cup of tea does not only satiate our taste-bud as well as it helps us to stay fit. Everyone has its own reason to sip it. A few people sip it to keep themselves awake while a few people take it awake them. In the winter season, it is taken frequently. Tea is the beverage which is mostly served to the guest. It completes someone breakfast. Tea completes the fritters taste in the winter. It makes someone feel refresh and to others, it gives relief from cold, cough and. I am mentioning below about four different types of tea and their benefits

Different Types of Tea
Different Types of Tea

1. White Tea

White Tea: a type among many types Of tea and their benefits
White Tea

This tea is also called fresh and immature tea. It does not go through the whole process of drying. We must have it once in a day .and enjoy its benefits. This tea solves a number of beauty issues. It helps to get soft and smooth skin. White tea arrests the decay of the tooth and does not allow the rashes to appear on the skin. It does work wonder on skin problem like pimple, acne, lines blemishes and dark complexion etcetera. White tea does not entertain dandruff and gives your hair volume, shine and life to bounce. It increases your life to keep you healthy and fit. Since it has anti-oxidant properties it does the work of repairing and maintaining your skin.

2.Green Tea

Green Tea- a type among many types of tea.
Green Tea

It has tremendous benefits. Since it is loaded with antioxidants it helps to boost the immunity function of the body. It can be a great aid in the process of weight loss. white keeps your blood pressure normal and healthy. It arrests the fatal disease like cancer to spread if it is in the beginning stage. We can bring it into the use of any problem from head to toe. And it always benefits us to cure the problem. We can bring it into the use to enhance our glow and make our hair healthy as well.

3. Black Tea

Black Tea
: types Of tea and their benefits
Black Tea

It is one the most consumed drink in the world packed with loads of heath as well as beauty benefits. It does not include milk in the preparing process. This tea has had to go through the process of fermentation and oxidized. Since it does not sweeten it has no calorie means no fat. It helps to reduce heart disease. 2. Again, according to the research, it may reduce the risk of cancer as well. 3. It plays a vital role to improve our digestive system and other problems related to stomach. 4. It is conducive to keep a check over blood pressure. 5. Having it twice a day will help to give us a healthy heart. 6. It may abate the risk of stroke. 7. We can use it to rinse our hair for lustrous, shiny and black hair.

4. Masala chai

Masala chai: a type among types Of tea
Masala chai

What to talk about masala chai. It is the most favorite type of tea for we Indian and our neighboring countries Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan Bangladesh. We add the milk and a number of herbs and spices like ginger, bay leaves, mint, black pepper to increase the taste and to get relief from the following; Reduces the fever. Give relieve from cold, Warm the body, work well on cough, stimulate the bowel.

This is true that tea is good for health and it keeps us hydrated as well. It is medicine for many deadly diseases but be mindful at the same time. We should not forget it that excess of anything is dangerous to health and we must not forget to take the suggestion of doctor before bringing it in daily life.

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