Basic rules to lead a happy life

No matter what, we all are aware of it that we are bound to lead a stressful life. It is sorry to say, but We all are leading present-day an unhappy and stressful life. We are searching for happiness here and there but meeting disappointment each time in this process. It is extremely significant to understand that life is a roller coaster and we do not know what we are going to meet next moment. so stop ceasing about the next and enjoy the present. But it does not mean at all that in the process of enjoying today you are buying the sorrows for tomorrow. some sorrows we buy ourselves which cause to make our life miserable sooner or later tomorrow. I am mentioning a few purchasing below which do the job of adding our miseries and help us to lead a happy life.

# A big no to Jealousy to lead a happy life

avoid Jealousy to lead a happy life
Jealousy making you devil

There is no benefit to do jealous of someone’s success or prosperity. It will steal your happiness from you and oblige you to become an evil person.  So what your friend has a car and you do not have. Why do you not see the other side that to make the money and to buy the huge car he is not able to spend quality of time along with his family? Which you can enjoy but, you will not be able to enjoy the quality of time along with your family and make your bonding strong with them because of being jealous only. So in the process to be jealous you are not able to enjoy the things which you own also.

# Say no inferiority complex-

What if I am black?
What if I am black?

It stirs up your confidence to encounter the challenges in life. You will think over your weaknesses more than anything. your demerits will cease you to go ahead into your life. It is highly important to understand that everyone is imperfect. And imperfection has its own beauty. Having a positive approach toward life can play a vital to solve this problem.  What if you have a dull complexion. There are many actresses who have dull complexion but they are doing well in Bollywood .vipasa Basu, Smita Patil etc. So try to polish your demerits if it is possible but do not feel terrible. No problem, if you do not know to speak in English. you can learn the language and speak in the crowd with the help of the English Channel and YouTube.

# Avoid Backbiting-

Avoid backbiting to lead a happy life
Avoid backbiting

It is significantly important to break this terrible habit as soon as possible. You do not realize. However, It plays a havoc role to tarnish your image before others. Not only this, they attribute to increasing the number of your enemies double. People will never count on you and you will remain alone in the middle of the crowd. Even if come to know about something do not pass it on ahead rather than that it is better you digest it. Minus backbiting life will help you to lead a peaceful and meaningful life as well. So, from the next time, you will avert to play the role of the newspaper.

 # Always have the mask of indifference to lead a happy life

Be indifferent
Be indifferent to worldly pleasure and sorrow

Do not be too excited if you win something at the same time do not go into the depression deeply if you lose something. It is extremely important that you wear the mask of indifference on your face all the time you never know who is your enemy or friend? So always keep it secret what does hurt you or what do you not like? I understand it is hard to act but it is equally important to be not vulnerable.

# Do not kill the time-

Time and tide wait for none
Time and tide wait for none

Killing time catalyst to your sorrows and all other kinds of problems. It will not allow you to finish your work on time because of that you will invariably look for the excuse. You will not be taken seriously in the office as well. Besides, You will meet the insult and degradation. You will never be able to learn your lesson well and execute it smartly. So, to gain respect you will have to get rid of the bad habit of wasting time.  if you are enjoying do great blast but when you are at work be attentive to there only. And of course one must know to keep the balance between the two.

I am damn sure the tips mentioned above will prove handy to take yourself away from boring and dull life. These tips will prove certainly conducive to lead a happy life.

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