Indian Divas who westernized the image of Indian cinema

suchitra sen
Primal actress carrying cliche’ traditional image of the epitome of an Indian lady

In this day and age, the Indian cinema look has witnessed an utter transformation. Now no more, actresses prefer to play the role of a lady who clads traditional dress and is the epitome of virtues. It does not sound them challenging to act. They love to be portrayed in an entirely different avatar. Frankly speaking, they love to have a bold look onscreen and have no inhibition to break the social norms on or off-screen. They want to carry the tag of sexy and bold.

parveen babi
Broke the image of Primal Indian actress with her sultry image

They are comfortable to wear revealing cloth or having extra-marital affairs. They do not believe in pursuing a stereotyped role rather than that they believe in setting the trend others in real and reel life together. This pathway begins in the 70s, which stirs the entire society, and still, it is in progress. There is a number who contributed this change, but I am mentioning over here the name of four. One out of these four never works in the flicks, but she has a significant influence on movies and society as well.

Protima Bedi-

There will be nothing wrong if I say she is the boldest lady of the tinsel world. It did not matter to her what would the world think, she violated all the social norms in the 60s, which is hard to break even now. She invariably listened to her heart and followed it. At the age of 19, she fled from her father’s house forever because he was ceasing her to pick modeling as a career. And began to live along with a veteran Cinema actor Kabir Bedi without the wedlock down the line, she married with him which continued to five years.

In spite of being in wedlock, she had an affair outside the marriage also, but she never hid it from Kabir. Yes, she had two children with Kabir. She fell in love quickly, even in her 40s. She showed her audacity to run bare on the Juhu beach, for one of the pioneer Magazine name Cineblitz. Mumbai and created the ripple of shock all across the country In the 60s and she had no repentance of her action

Parveen Babi-

We remember her as the actress who enjoyed leading a carefree life. She did not bother what would. People think about her if they come to know. And so, she did not mind drinking and smoking in the middle of people openly. She was more westernized. It was none other than she who broke the cliché’ image of simple, innocent, draped in a six-meter sari or different traditional dress of Indian Bollywood actress. She was the first Bollywood actress whose picture was displayed on The Time Magazine in 1976. She had a series of broken relationships. But it could never cease her to make the new one.

Zeenat Aman-

She began her career as a journalist in Famine magazine. After that, she did modeling, became Miss India, and finally took entrance into the film industry with the movie Hulchul in 1971. Rather than picking the conventional like the other actresses of those times, she pulled the different sorts of the movie. Her that step created commotion in the film industry and gave a new and different outlook to the film industry. It was the witness of the enormous change.

She was ultra-modern and had no inhibition to show off her skin. Because of that, she is remembered more for her westernized look and bold scenes in movies rather than her acting skill. She remained popular in this industry as a sex symbol for two consecutive years. Not only this, she married the man at the age of 62, which is undoubtedly essential to measure all across the world for the lady at this age.

Malaika Arora-

What to talk about her, She was declared as the sexiest lady by Maxim magazine in 2007. We all are aware that she is an excellent dancer. Her career began with the item song chaiya chaiya in Dil Se, which popularized her, and before long, she became one of the best dancers all across the country. Besides, she is a fitness freak and has a gorgeous body, even at the age of 45. That is why it is stated that she is still as young as she was 25 years back. She is an admittedly multi-talented fashionista, trendsetter, dancer, Yoga master. Presently, she is in the limelight because of her affair with the actor who is 11years years younger to her. She does not bother what do people think and how do they react. But, yes, her action has off course, created the ripples in old-aged social norms.

The transformation which we witness today in Indian cinema has glamorized the image of Bollywood all across the world. Now we are getting more westernized, which is, of course, welcomed and appreciated wholeheartedly. I want to appreciate these divas and many more who are still working to continue these changes.

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