23:23 hidden spiritual meaning in numerology

The 23:23 is a mirror hour and has a hidden message. This double hour can be interpreted by the works of Doreen Virtue and will allow understanding the message used by guardian fish.

The Tarot of Marseilles and Numerology will help to solve the puzzle.

23:23 Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

23:23 spiritual meaning
23:23 spiritual meaning

This mirror hour is a message from your angels to have faith in yourself and believe in your natural abilities. This hour represents the support of your Ascended Masters and guardian angels. Guardian angels are said to bring with them hidden messages from the spiritual realm. They have peaceful significance from the divine source, which is all about optimism, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement from the universe itself. The angels often communicate the messages through creative methods, and you understand the method better when you focus on the material aspect of life. Try keeping the focus on the goal.

23:23 and Guardian Angels

23:23 guardian angels number
23:23 and of Guardian Angels

This is a way of communicating a message by a guardian angel to you about a project which is close to your heart. This mirror hour is a message sent by the angels indicating you that they are standing by your side and will help you in all the way to make the project a grand success. The one thing that you can be sure about after getting a message from this mirror hour is if you have an idea be it for your professional or personal life, you will find success in all pursuits.

23:23 significance

This hour also represents movement which is a sign for a journey. Now, journey can be for your business trips or a romantic trip, now this is on you to interpret what the signs are indicating towards and then take the path accordingly. The guardian angels are here to make you a person with an open mind who can look at the bigger perspective. You will have the aptitude to get adapted to the different situation which is one of the rare and impressive skills to be found in a person. Not only you have the talent of making a crowd listen to your plans and communicate your idea to everybody, but you also know how to listen to people in the time of need. These skills will make you an intermediary, someone who people can trust.

You are at a very advantageous stage as The planning committee will review the project. Now that you know you are being guarded it is on you how you use this armour to progress in your life with serenity. You have the knack to get what you want, and you have the protection of the guardian angel all you need is to change habits and start working on the right path.

Haiaiel is the guardian angel corresponding to 23:23. Haiaiel influence extends from 23:20 to 23:40. He has the potential to give you an advantage over your adversaries, and he is a symbol of boldness and reassurance. When Haiaiel enters your life he replaces conflict with harmony. This guardian angel will bring your ideas into reality.

What does 23:23 mean in Numerology?

The total value of this mirror hour is 46. This number represents freedom to act, freedom to choose, and independence and you have a fondness for freedom. Be far from those who try to compel their views on you. Now we know that you like your freedom and like to share your strong opinions. You are a character of honour and integrity.

After encountering this mirror hour, you would witness some development in your field of expertise. You have a knack to make people submit to your will and an impressive ability to concentrate. You have a very sensible manner of discovering the new horizon of knowledge that gives you an upper hand.

What does seeing 23:23 repetitively mean?

angel number 23
23:23 in clock

Do you often see the angel number 23 more than usual everywhere and any time. This means that certainly, your guardian angel needs to communicate something to you. It might be a good omen or a bad one. Now coming to this number, in particular, represents the message of utilizing your talents in the best possible ways. You should engage your talents in the productive channels and try to make yourself happy with the work you do. Try utilizing your happiness in the best way possible. Your angels are telling you to pursue the work your best. Try earning the best of living.


This mirror hour is a positive one that says you to utilize your talents in the best productive ways. This is a way your guardian angel is telling you that things are changing in your personal or professional life. There might be a journey in your life that might seem productive. You should use your abilities and crack all the opportunities.

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