19:19 Meaning and symbolism in Numerology

Sometimes some events in our life surprise us like things started to happen in your way suddenly. Sometimes you see some new happenings in your life which could be a sign of a new beginning. If you started to see 19:19 eventually then be prepared for something new.

Number 19:19 consists of two numbers 1 and 9. Number 19 carries the energy of two individual numbers 1 and 9. Having twice these numbers means the influence of the energy would be amplified twice. Number 1 indicates new events to happen. This number indicates to trying forward to achieve your goal and self-leadership with determination. It also indicates that your thoughts are creating your reality.

19:19 meaning
19:19 meaning

The reason behind seeing number 1 constantly means that your angel is trying to send a message to believe in your thoughts and act positively as they are expressing and creating. Number 9 carries vibrational energy that is connected with self-leadership, kindness, which reverberates with light working and humanity. This number also shows the vibration of self-sacrifice and seeing a positive example for others.

By combining the number 1 and 9, 19 consists of the influence of both the numbers. This number tells you that some agents of your life are coming to an end. More clearly if you are going through a phase of your life might be reached to its destination. Hence trust your guardian angel or spiritual guide and accept the fact that everything this is happening for some reason. There could be a karmic reason behind the phase you are going through.

19: 19 and the Guardian Angels

As you are receiving the message through the number19:19 from your guardian angel it indicates that he is informing you of the end of a certain phase or time and to a new start of your life. Angel number 19:19 is a signal from the universe that signifies you are being prepared for a change in your life which could be very positive.

Your guardian angel is present and there to guide you, assist you and to provide you with the necessary information. Do not be sad for the ending phase because it could be beneficial for you in the future. You need to be connected with your guardian angel to explore the new knowledge and wisdom allowing them to open a new path for you.

Angels are giving you a message to serve humanity and being optimistic. If you are constantly thinking about a new carrier project or business then go for it as it is the right time for a new beginning. Number 19:19 also has a specific meaning for love relation. It tells you that you will receive love and faith from your partner. You will feel peace and calmness in your life.

19:19 Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

19:19 Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism
19:19 Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Numbers are known as universal signs, and by sending them to us our angels try to let us know that they are there to offer to help hands through these numbers. Number 19:19 is simple of more positive power and kindness in your life. It is a symbol of creative thinking so by using your wisdom with the angelic motivation you will lead to a successful and happy life. You will become a positive person, and by using your vision you can get rid of unimportant things of your life.

This number also symbolizes divine support and encouragement. You will be able to gain everything which you have been dreaming of for a long time. Also, as number 19 is a symbol of self-awareness it will boost your confidence in helping you achieve whatever you feel to achieve by just acting positively.

Significance of 19:19 with the Guardian Angels

The significance of this number implies that you are filled with kindness and goodwill and this quality in you makes you help many people. This number indicates that you have a lot of energy-filled within you. This number also helps you have a beautiful soul. By connecting you subconsciously with the number 19:19 guardian angels confirm that you are on the right track to find a solution. Also, you must stay connected with the angels, which is made easy with the help of prayers and meditation.

What does seeing 19:19 repetitively mean?

1919 meaning
19:19 in clock

The repetitive occurrence of 19:19 indicates that the power of these numbers is working with doubled vibration. Also, the repetition of these numbers appearing is a sign from your angel not to miss the opportunity. This is a message which is sent by your angels for your happiness, and you can use it according to their assistance. There is another reason behind the constant appearance of this number that angel wants you to be aware of his effort to contact you.  It is not coincident that the number keeps occurring in front of you.


Hence with the help of these angelic numbers, you have the power and skill to reduce conflict. Paying attention to every little bit is important as it could have a message from a guardian angel. Also, it is important to decode the messages and understand them to make life easy and successful. Numerology has made things easy using which we can decode the message making it easy to understand things better.

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